Thursday, June 27, 2013

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New writer

I'm a writer who loves fashion and art magazines. I would love designers, artists, and fashionaistas to be featured on my blog. I want to write an article about you! I would dedicate a post about you as I get to know you.

Why Justin Beiber is the hottest girl in the world!

How can't you be jealous of that perfectly styled brown bob? Those deep brown eyes that always twinkle? And those pink pouty lips that I can surgically have?

He's a fashion icon! Justin has studded his stuff around the world. He brought the parachute pants back-which is suppose to stay in the past. Jaden Smith and Kanye West has been seen wearing the same fashion failure. When he's not twirling around, he's making trends. You go Girl!

He's the ultimate party girl! Lately, Justin been getting his inner Ke$ha on. He has gotten into 21 and over clubs, raced cars, smoke, and enjoy the single life by fooling around with hot and clueless girls. Then he did the ultimate teen girl thing  by posting selfies and videos of him laughing uncontrollably for some strange reason. (I hope doesn't get the bad case of the munchies.)

Other girls love him! Just say his name and girls go crazy! He's cute but not too cute so you wont feel threaten. He's fashionable so you can borrow his clothes. Also he's freakin rich! That means, I'll see y'all in Milan for fashion week, PEACE!

Conclusion. I have nothing against Justin. I don't know him and I would like to meet him someday. Love you, Selena but it's now the average girls turn!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Q: What is Words From A Real Soul?

A: It's my blog where I post my writing - fiction, personal rants, and whatever else I want- and other stuff I enjoy, like: fashion, art, and comics. I don't do anything of that professionally but I admire others who do. I would love to post their stuff on my blog.


Q: What is The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic?

A: It's my fictional life dealing with cute boys, crazy friends, and unforgettable adventures. It's humorous and relatable.  But, I don't think everyone knows a runaway bride.


Q: Why should people check out your blog? What makes you different?

A: I think people should check out my blog because its messy and fabulous. If you like writing, comics, fashion and art. Check it out.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Part 9: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic - Hello? Yeah, I'm stealing your boyfriend.


Day 6:

            Me: Are you going to Jova's office, today?

            Dan: No.

            I was talking to him on the phone. I was still pretty upset from the disaster obstacle course two days ago.

            Dan: We've been through too much lately.

            Me: finding out about Angelina.

            I heard Dan letting out a deep sigh. He really didn't think I would let it go so easily?

            Dan: I'm sorry for not telling you about her. All the stuff I said about her having a career, wasn't true. I didn't tell you because I knew you would be very upset. Now, I realize that if I told you the truth from the beginning, we wouldn't be in such a mess.

            Finally! I mean of course he should've told me from the beginning. I'm a big girl, I can handle myself.

            Dan: But I was telling the truth about you being my longest relationship and knowing her for five years.

            Me: How did you meet her?

            Dan: Senior year in high school, I went to a journalists and photographer conference at a London hotel. I met her in the hotel lobby. We were both nervous about being in a country that we never visited before. We sat together at the conference and traded numbers. We been in contact ever since.

            We been in contact ever since. If only I could scream without him hearing me.

            Me: When did you and her started dating?

            Dan: Two years ago. I don't think you want to hear this but after years of working with her I started to develop a crush on her. But she always had a boyfriend. When she and her boyfriend broke up, I saw an opening and made my move. She finally took a chance on me. We were dating for three months when she got a phone call to shoot male models in Brazil for a month. I let her go but I soon found out that she slept with one of the models. I broke up with her over the phone.

            I knew that bitch was shady!

            Me: That's terrible. I would never do you like that.

            Dan: That's really nice to hear.

            I knew he was smiling on the other line.

            Me: Then why are you still contacting her?

            Dan: After everything that happened in our personal lives, we were great professionally. Beth, I love what I do and won't let a grudge get in the way of that. I know you don't like her but you can trust me. I really care about you.

            I wish I was more sure about that.

            Me: Alright. Dan, I really appreciate you being honest with me. Changing the subject, I can't wait for our anniversary tomorrow. I didn't want things to be too much of a big deal because of everything that was going on, so I just got us reservations at Reserve, the new upscale Italian restaurant.

            Dan: Oh my goodness, I forgot about that!

            Me: What?

            I bet he can hear my voice tremble.

            Dan: I'm so sorry, baby. I have an interview with Matt Damon for Esquire, tomorrow.

            Me: Are you serious, Dan?!

            Dan: I know. I know. But I promise you I would be finish before our dinner starts.

            Me: Promise?

            Dan: Promise.

            We traded I love you's and hang up the phone. How can he forget? I'm really starting to feel that he doesn't take this relationship serious.


Day 7:

            I was so excited for this day. I styled my hair to long wavy locks, bought a new white dress and gorgeous gold accessories. I dug into my closet for my gold Jimmy Choos that I got for my birthday. The reason I'm so dolled up? It's Dan and I's six month anniversary. I know six months to some isn't a milestone but I've really have fallen for him. We're having dinner at the Reserve.

            Right now I'm at Ashley's store for some girl talk.

            Ashley:  It's really mess up how he forgot.

            Me: I know.

            Ashley: Do you really trust him with your worst enemy?

            Me: Not really, but I just want to focus on us tonight.

            Ashley: But Angelina was his ex. Do you think he's over her?

            Me: Of course, she cheated on him and it's been 2 years.

            Ashley: That's all true but I still don't trust her.

            I took Ashley's worries into consideration. I looked at the wall clock that read 7:15.  Dinner started at 8. I gave Ashley a kiss goodbye and headed home.


            I got to Reserve, at 8:05. I called Dan twice but he didn't pick up. I decided to call him again later.


            8:30. Still not here. I called him again but nothing.


            8:45. I called him again. Then again. And again. One more time.

            A woman's voice: Hello?

            Me: Is Dan there?

            Woman: Yeah! Who's calling?

            Me: Beth. He's girlfriend.

            Woman: Beth! I didn't know you were dating Dan?

            Me: Um...who's talking?

            Woman: It's Angelina! It's been too long.

            What? Instead of being with me, he's with her. Great. I could tell she was being fake. As if she really cared about talking to me. I started to grin my teeth.

            Me:  Put Dan on the DAMN phone!

            Angelina: Alright. You sound kinda upset.

            Dan finally got on the phone,

            Dan: Hello?

            Me: Where the hell are you? I've been waiting for you for 45 minutes.

            Dan: I'm so sorry. I'm at Angelina's apartment going over my notes and her pictures of Matt Damon. I lost track of time. I think I can get there at 9:30.

            Me: No! I had enough of your bullshit! You know what? Fuck this dinner!

            I knew I was loud enough to hear. People were staring.

            Me: Fuck Angelina. And fuck you. This relationship is over!

            Dan: But-

            Me: No buts! I heard enough of that. I'm done!

            I hung up the phone. I'm a really easy going person but there is so much I can take. The tears were coming as I deleted him from my contacts. Why do I keep dating these assholes? Did I make the right choice of breaking up with him? Comment.

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