Thursday, June 20, 2013

Part 3: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic: Too many bad girls to go around.

           Everyone was in total shock. What's going on, Charlotte?! If we knew you were going to run out on your own wedding, we would've had an after party in celebration. I looked at Josh and he looked as if he was going to explode. His breath was harsh, hands were shaking, he even looked like he was about to cry! I never seen this part of him before. The priest didn't look too happy either.

            Priest: If the bride doesn't come in 10 minutes, I'm leaving.

            I ran up to him.

            Me: Time out! I mean, recess. Let's look for her. She wouldn't walk out on her own wedding. Charlotte isn't that type of girl

            Priest: Fine. I'll give you one hours. Only because I love Charlotte like family.

            Me: Thank you so much!

            I didn't know Charlotte was so close with the priest. I hope he doesn't find out that she's pretty close with his son too. I turned to the guests.

            Me: I'm so sorry for the this. I suggest you walk around or something until we find the bride.

            I grabbed Ashley and Dan by the wrists and ran down the aisle.

            Me: What are we gonna do? Where would she go?

            Ashley: I don't know. I'm gonna look in the dressing trailer. You two  should talk to Josh.

            Dan: That's a good idea.

            We split up and we sat Josh down in one of the rooms in the church.

            Josh: I can't believe she would do this. We were looking forward to spending our lives together.

            Dan: Is there anything that would make her want to back out?

            Josh: No.

            But he looked nervous.

            Me: Josh...why would Charlotte not want to marry you?

            Josh: Well...we kind of had...a big fight.

            Dan: About what?

            Josh: She accused me of taking her money and giving her....

            Me: Giving her what?

            Josh: ...Chlamydia.

            Dan and Me: What?!

            Josh: Yeah, but I didn't do anything. I didn't take her money or gave her a STD. I love her. I know I have a past but the whole time we were together, I've been faithful. She told me that since she had it, I must've gave it to her. Maybe it was from a girl before her. Charlotte has to be the most important thing in my life.

            He then put his head in his hands and began to cry. For the first time, John didn't look like a sleazy fool. Still a fool thou. Me and Dan walked out of the room and closed the door.

            Me: Oh my God!

            Dan: I know.

            Me: Oh my God!

            Dan: We need to find Ashley, to tell her the news.

            We looked all around and finally found the trailer.

            Me: Ashley is gonna freak when she hears about this.

            Dan nodded. I opened the door and we gasped. Ashley was already freaking. She was on top of one of the groomsmen, moving her hips away.

            Me: What the HELL?!

            They stopped and looked at us. The guy was still smiling.

            Ashley: Look, I was looking for Charlotte when I met Mike, here. He said he would help me look for her.

            Me: Is she under your dress?!

            She was too embarrassed to speak. I closed the door and heavily sighed. Then I heard the freaking beginning again. Dan was trying to hold his laugher.

            Me: You thought that was funny?

            Dan: A little.

            I couldn't believe him. We looked more around the church until we saw a white limo parked outside. It was going up and down.

            Dan knocked on the car's window. It went down to reveal a blonde largely built naked man. He looked pretty familiar.

            Blonde: What do you want? We're busy here.

            What an a-hole. That's when I remembered why he looked so familiar. He's a stripper. He was at Charlotte's bachelorette party.

            A Woman's Voice: What's going on?

            Her voice sounded familiar too. Then the woman showed her face. It was Charlotte!

            What about weddings make girls act so bad? At a church too?!

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