Monday, June 17, 2013

Not everyone will support your dream.

      This is the story of everyone's life. There is no one on earth lucky enough to avoid of having great pain in their life.
        When I finally decided on being a better screenwriter (one of the hardest things I ever done), I thought that maybe my parents would support me. Boy, was I wrong. My parents raised me to become a doctor but I don't have the stomach or passion for it. Always on the clock and having people's life in my hands? No thank you. Its a job that truly isn't for me. When I told my parents about what I wanted to do, my heart shattered. We had a huge fight and it became really tense in my house. I had to debate whether it was worth living my dream in exchange of losing the people I love. But my life is just staring, should I follow my dream?

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  1. FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! I can not stress this statement enough to so many people. >:T follow your dream because at the end of the day its not your parents who are going to live with job choice its you. Can you picture yourself going through college and then medical school only to realize later you hate it? To people who say she has plenty of time to turn around later. Newsflash people! what about all that money shes going to be spending towards a degree she hates?!