Monday, June 24, 2013

Part 9: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic - Hello? Yeah, I'm stealing your boyfriend.


Day 6:

            Me: Are you going to Jova's office, today?

            Dan: No.

            I was talking to him on the phone. I was still pretty upset from the disaster obstacle course two days ago.

            Dan: We've been through too much lately.

            Me: finding out about Angelina.

            I heard Dan letting out a deep sigh. He really didn't think I would let it go so easily?

            Dan: I'm sorry for not telling you about her. All the stuff I said about her having a career, wasn't true. I didn't tell you because I knew you would be very upset. Now, I realize that if I told you the truth from the beginning, we wouldn't be in such a mess.

            Finally! I mean of course he should've told me from the beginning. I'm a big girl, I can handle myself.

            Dan: But I was telling the truth about you being my longest relationship and knowing her for five years.

            Me: How did you meet her?

            Dan: Senior year in high school, I went to a journalists and photographer conference at a London hotel. I met her in the hotel lobby. We were both nervous about being in a country that we never visited before. We sat together at the conference and traded numbers. We been in contact ever since.

            We been in contact ever since. If only I could scream without him hearing me.

            Me: When did you and her started dating?

            Dan: Two years ago. I don't think you want to hear this but after years of working with her I started to develop a crush on her. But she always had a boyfriend. When she and her boyfriend broke up, I saw an opening and made my move. She finally took a chance on me. We were dating for three months when she got a phone call to shoot male models in Brazil for a month. I let her go but I soon found out that she slept with one of the models. I broke up with her over the phone.

            I knew that bitch was shady!

            Me: That's terrible. I would never do you like that.

            Dan: That's really nice to hear.

            I knew he was smiling on the other line.

            Me: Then why are you still contacting her?

            Dan: After everything that happened in our personal lives, we were great professionally. Beth, I love what I do and won't let a grudge get in the way of that. I know you don't like her but you can trust me. I really care about you.

            I wish I was more sure about that.

            Me: Alright. Dan, I really appreciate you being honest with me. Changing the subject, I can't wait for our anniversary tomorrow. I didn't want things to be too much of a big deal because of everything that was going on, so I just got us reservations at Reserve, the new upscale Italian restaurant.

            Dan: Oh my goodness, I forgot about that!

            Me: What?

            I bet he can hear my voice tremble.

            Dan: I'm so sorry, baby. I have an interview with Matt Damon for Esquire, tomorrow.

            Me: Are you serious, Dan?!

            Dan: I know. I know. But I promise you I would be finish before our dinner starts.

            Me: Promise?

            Dan: Promise.

            We traded I love you's and hang up the phone. How can he forget? I'm really starting to feel that he doesn't take this relationship serious.


Day 7:

            I was so excited for this day. I styled my hair to long wavy locks, bought a new white dress and gorgeous gold accessories. I dug into my closet for my gold Jimmy Choos that I got for my birthday. The reason I'm so dolled up? It's Dan and I's six month anniversary. I know six months to some isn't a milestone but I've really have fallen for him. We're having dinner at the Reserve.

            Right now I'm at Ashley's store for some girl talk.

            Ashley:  It's really mess up how he forgot.

            Me: I know.

            Ashley: Do you really trust him with your worst enemy?

            Me: Not really, but I just want to focus on us tonight.

            Ashley: But Angelina was his ex. Do you think he's over her?

            Me: Of course, she cheated on him and it's been 2 years.

            Ashley: That's all true but I still don't trust her.

            I took Ashley's worries into consideration. I looked at the wall clock that read 7:15.  Dinner started at 8. I gave Ashley a kiss goodbye and headed home.


            I got to Reserve, at 8:05. I called Dan twice but he didn't pick up. I decided to call him again later.


            8:30. Still not here. I called him again but nothing.


            8:45. I called him again. Then again. And again. One more time.

            A woman's voice: Hello?

            Me: Is Dan there?

            Woman: Yeah! Who's calling?

            Me: Beth. He's girlfriend.

            Woman: Beth! I didn't know you were dating Dan?

            Me: Um...who's talking?

            Woman: It's Angelina! It's been too long.

            What? Instead of being with me, he's with her. Great. I could tell she was being fake. As if she really cared about talking to me. I started to grin my teeth.

            Me:  Put Dan on the DAMN phone!

            Angelina: Alright. You sound kinda upset.

            Dan finally got on the phone,

            Dan: Hello?

            Me: Where the hell are you? I've been waiting for you for 45 minutes.

            Dan: I'm so sorry. I'm at Angelina's apartment going over my notes and her pictures of Matt Damon. I lost track of time. I think I can get there at 9:30.

            Me: No! I had enough of your bullshit! You know what? Fuck this dinner!

            I knew I was loud enough to hear. People were staring.

            Me: Fuck Angelina. And fuck you. This relationship is over!

            Dan: But-

            Me: No buts! I heard enough of that. I'm done!

            I hung up the phone. I'm a really easy going person but there is so much I can take. The tears were coming as I deleted him from my contacts. Why do I keep dating these assholes? Did I make the right choice of breaking up with him? Comment.

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