Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Justin Beiber is the hottest girl in the world!

How can't you be jealous of that perfectly styled brown bob? Those deep brown eyes that always twinkle? And those pink pouty lips that I can surgically have?

He's a fashion icon! Justin has studded his stuff around the world. He brought the parachute pants back-which is suppose to stay in the past. Jaden Smith and Kanye West has been seen wearing the same fashion failure. When he's not twirling around, he's making trends. You go Girl!

He's the ultimate party girl! Lately, Justin been getting his inner Ke$ha on. He has gotten into 21 and over clubs, raced cars, smoke, and enjoy the single life by fooling around with hot and clueless girls. Then he did the ultimate teen girl thing  by posting selfies and videos of him laughing uncontrollably for some strange reason. (I hope doesn't get the bad case of the munchies.)

Other girls love him! Just say his name and girls go crazy! He's cute but not too cute so you wont feel threaten. He's fashionable so you can borrow his clothes. Also he's freakin rich! That means, I'll see y'all in Milan for fashion week, PEACE!

Conclusion. I have nothing against Justin. I don't know him and I would like to meet him someday. Love you, Selena but it's now the average girls turn!

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