Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Love Car

               I will never forget that car. It was an aged white Vollkswagen Beetle. I never thought things could happen in that machine until he drove me in it. At the time I knew him for three months but I felt like I knew him for years. He was cute, funny, and different.

            He was nothing like George. He didn't announce his resume to anybody who listen or picked out my clothes so I wouldn't embarrass him. Nope. He wore cargos to his high school graduation. Dan opened the car door, took my hand and walked me down the beach.

            I felt the warm sand between my toes and his fingers running down my arms. He laid down the blanket and took two champagne glasses out of the picnic basket.

            Dan: I know this isn't what you're use to. This isn't a 5 star restaurant.

            Me: It doesn't matter. You can't put a price on this.

            He poured champagne in our glasses and told me childhood stories of him on the beach. I laughed when he told me that his cousin almost peed on him when he was stung by a jellyfish. We did a lot of that. Laughing and talking.

            When the sun finally set and the mosquitoes got annoying, we slowly moved back to the car. With the windows down we still felt the cool air.

            Dan: I'm really happy that you came today. You seemed really tense when I asked you out.

            Me: I'm really happy you asked. I just been having a hard time moving and leaving my past life behind.

            Dan: I understand.

            He moved my hair out of my face and proceeded to smooth it with his fingers. Somehow, I became a little nervous. Good nervous. I kissed his fingertips. He leaned closer to kiss my nose.  He then went lower to my neck. The small size of the car created a close comforting space. I moaned with pleasure.

            George would never kiss me like this. I backed away to meet his eyes. They were brown like coffee grinded from the earth. That's when I realized that I deserved this. Not the critique of my looks or restrictions on PDA. I deserved the hot breath and eager eyes.

            I looked at his soulful eyes again and pressed my lips on his. I explored his mouth with my tongue. We melted in that car.

            We created a memory in that car.

            A memory that I will always cherish and be reminded of every morning when I see that sexy white Beetle in my driveway.


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