Monday, June 24, 2013

Part 8: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic - Racing to the End

Day 4:

            I woke up this morning with a lot of shoulder pain. Its happens when I go to bed upset. I haven't felt this bad since I found out there was going to be a new baby Kardashian in the world. I was so upset because I found out that my boyfriend, Dan, was secretly working with his ex. Apparently he didn't tell me because he thought I would be threaten that he been with a girl with a REAL career. That overqualified bitch!

            I painfully got out of bed to take a shower. This afternoon I have to wear outdoor/workout clothes because today's challenge would be at the park. Usually Dan would drive me but yesterday ended so badly that being in the same car would make things more awkward. So I decided to walk. I zipped up my pink sports jacket and tugged my matching pink tights. Don't judge me. Just because I feel miserable doesn't mean I have to look like it.


            When I got to the park, I saw Jova right away, but I also saw Dan by her side.

            Jova: Okay, love birds, today's activity is all about trust. One of you will be blindfolded as you will trust your partner in walking, running, and jumping a obstacle course together. You will first run around orange cones, slide  down a mat filled with water, jump over a park bench and a big patch of dirt, and then run to the finish line. Who wants to go first?

            Are you serious? Neither of us raised our hands, and Dan gave me a worried look. I turned my head so I wouldn't see his beautiful eyes.

            Dan: I'll go first.

            Jova blinded Dan, then handcuffed us together. What? Did Katy Perry do this with Russell?

            Jova: Ready. Set. Go!

            I confidently guided Dan around the cones but was a little hesitant when reaching the slide. We then reached the bench.

            Me: We're at the bench. We need to jump at the same time.

            Dan: Do we really have to do this? Why don't we just walk around it? This whole couple's challenge is a waste of time.

            Me: I thought I wasn't the only one who believed in this relationship and was determined to reach the end together. I guess I was wrong.

            Dan: It isn't that I don't believe in it, it's just this whole thing caused so many new problems.

            Me: New? They're new to me! You've been hiding things from me for months.

            Dan let out a frustrated sigh and we jumped over the bench and dirt. I saw Jova at the finish line.

            Jova: Yay! You did it! Now, Beth it's your turn to put your trust on Dan.

            She removed the blindfold from Dan and put it on me. She walked us to the start of the course.  

            Jova: Ready. Set. Go!

            I didn't move a muscle. How can I do this? How can I trust him as my partner when I can't even t rust him as my boyfriend.

            Dan: C'mon Beth! You're always so frustrating!

            Frustrating? That's something else I didn't know.

            With the cones, I fought with Dan for control, making it more difficult. I made it harder with the slide when I made us not slide on the mat at the same time.

            Dan: Okay, now we're at the bench. We're walking around.

            Me: No! Damnit, Dan! You don't want to work hard for anything!

            Dan: I always work hard! In everything I do. Just because I'm working with my ex doesn't mean you have to be such a brat. Now, jump!

            We jumped on top of the bench step.

            Me: What's her name?

            Dan: It doesn't matter. Jump!

            We jumped on top of the bench

            Me: What's her name?!

            Dan: Angelina.

            Me: Angelina who?

            Dan: Angelina Martin!

            I swear, my heart stopped. She was my worst enemy. She made my life a living hell ever since freshman year at college. I never knew she dated him.

            I was so angry that I started to tear up.

            Dan: Jump, Beth!

            I couldn't. I was too upset. Dan jumped, causing me to hit the second bench step and land on the hard dirt ground. The dirt turned to mud because I was so wet. I felt it in my mouth as I started to cry.

            Jova ran to me to help me up and disable the cuffs. Dan also tried to help me but I pushed him away. I didn't need him. He stopped being my boyfriend the moment he said her name. No, the moment he hid her from me.


Day 5:

            Today, we couldn't meet up at Jova's office. But we were technically doing the activity. The activity called for enjoying time together in silence. We were in silence, we just weren't enjoying it. After my fall yesterday, I didn't talk to Dan. He tried to make me talk to him, but I wasn't haven't it. He even called me this morning but I only texted him that I needed my space.

            Did he actually thought I was going to forget that he said my worst enemy's name?

            Angelina Martin is a photographer and writer. This rivalry started when we worked a project together, we had an amazing time, she was fun-loving and kind, until when we had to turn it in. The project called for both of us to be present when the project was to be graded, but I couldn't go because of a very important doctor's appointment. I trusted her to credit me on the assignment but I soon found out that she took all the credit. The professor gave me a zero and wouldn't listen to my excuse. I almost failed the class. After that she became a completely different person. She wasn't that fun-loving and kind person anymore, she was a rude girl who believed in hurting anybody to get her way.

            To find out that Dan dated her tells a lot. He likes people determined to make people's lives hell and shares a quality of not telling the truth.

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