Friday, June 21, 2013

Part 5: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic: Do you need a marriage counselor when you're dating?

            A lot of things has happened recently, but life with Dan has been going great. A month ago my former best friend ran out from her wedding to be with a blonde stripper. Her former fiancé is having a great time on his yacht with his former secretary and other clueless women. Charlotte is now living back with her parents and dating a priest's son.

            Dan and I are at our favorite Chinese buffet. We're waiting on my cousin, Jova, to have lunch with us. She's a famous marriage counselor, her clients include: Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and JLo and Marc Anthony. I couldn't wait to see her again. Her busy schedule in LA doesn't always fit in mine in NY. I saw her nine months ago but we always talked on the phone. We even talked about writing a book together about marriage. I bet into my eggroll when I saw her black flats walking through the Chinese buffet's doors.

            Me: Jova!

            Jova: Beth!

            We had a big hug and gushed over each other's outfits. She wore a red and white striped shirt under a navy blazer and dark jeans. I wore a flowy soft pink halter dress and gold sandals. My hair was in a black ponytail and hers, also black, was cut shoulder length. I loved her new bangs.

            Me: C'mon, baby, take a seat.

            She took one across from Dan and I. She never met Dan before, she only knew what I said about him through the phone. Trust me, I said a lot of good things.

            Me: Jova, this is my boyfriend, Dan.

            Dan: Nice to meet you! Beth told me a lot about you.

            Jova: And she told me a lot about you too. How's your writing doing?

            I forgot to mention that Dan is a fellow writer. He's an accomplished freelance journalist. I have to admit I'm a little jealous that he's more accomplished than me, but its fine because he loves to help me become a better writer.

            Dan: Great! I just finished an article on gun rights for Times Magazine.

            Jova: That's cool. Twenty-two and you're already in a big-time magazine. How about you Beth?

            Me: Well, I'm blogging. But I got a new job as a script consolation's assistant at a local film studio.

            Jova: Congratulations, you're getting closer to your dream.

            She clapped her hands together

            Jova: Now, the real dish. How are you two, together?

            Me: Great, Dan and I are going to celebrate our six month anniversary next week. Our anniversary was weeks ago but we were too busy to schedule anything.

            Jova: That's so cute! What do you guys have in mind?

            Dan: Um, maybe a trip somewhere or a night in a fancy hotel.

            I playfully punched his shoulder.

            Me: Don't ruin the surprise, babe.

            Dan: Don't worry, you won't expect a thing.

            I kissed him on the cheek. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think he might be the one. I haven't dated a lot of guys but I never felt so happy with someone before.

            Jova: You know what you should do before then? A couple's challenge!

            Dan: A what?

            Jova: A couple's challenge. Nothing major. A week challenge full of exercise's that bring you two closer together.

            Dan: Are you sure? Me and Beth are pretty close already. I mean, I don't think you need a marriage counselor while you're still dating.

            Jova: C'mon, it'll be fun. I promise. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphrey did it.

            Dan didn't looked like he loved the idea.    

            Me: Maybe we should try it. It's just one week. What could go wrong?

            Dan: A lot, maybe. We don't need this. We're fine by ourselves. (To Jova) I don't want to seem rude but we're not doing it.

            Jova: Shouldn't you both agree on that.

            Me: Yeah, I say let's do it.

            Dan: Are you serious? We're having an argument right now because of it.

            Every couple fights, right? Dan and I fight but over little things. We never had a big fight about our relationship before.

            Me: Dan, I love you, and I believe that we can overcome anything. Whatever happens, we can get through it.

            Dan let out a sigh and grabbed my hand.

            Dan: Fine. I'll do it.

            Jova: Great!

            She clapped her hands together again.

            Jova: I'll send you the worksheet tomorrow.

            I was so excited! Am I making my relationship stronger or did I make one of the biggest mistakes ever?

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