Saturday, June 22, 2013

Part 6: The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic: Let the Couple's Challenge Begin!


            Ashley: How stupid are you?

            Me: What do you mean?

            I was at Ashley's boutique. The store was filled with vintage and European  inspired couture. I just told her about my couple's challenge.

            Ashley: I think you're making a big mistake. No offense, but your cousin is a terrible relationship therapist.

            Me: No she's not. She has a lot of experience in marriage counseling. She has treated the most famous people in the world. They all credited her in their weddings.

            Ashley: They also blamed her in their divorces. You and Dan are in a good place right now. Don't let her challenge ruin it. By the way, Shouldn't she focus on improving her own relationship first before trying to improve someone else's?

            She was talking about her on-and-off relationship with a big-time movie director, Andre Borelli. He was incredibly talented and charming. I was so excited to meet him, I've been a fan of his for years. He was the sweetest thing and he made Jova really happy. Everything was going great until she was offered a job in Paris to be a diplomat's relationship therapist for three years. Andre thought it would be bad for them, because he loved LA and doesn't believe in long-distance relationships. They fought publically about it and once they had a fight so big it made headlines.

            Apparently Andre is very demanding and dependent. Unfortunely , Jova is the exact same way. So, one night they were at a Hollywood restaurant and they were arguing about her moving to France. In the middle of it, she started throwing silverware and plates at him. He decided to the same thing. It ended with them being banned from the restaurant and Jova crying in the parking lot. The next day, she went on a TV interview spilling all their secrets. A sane person would never contact Jova again after that, but Andre was still in love with her and he wanted to make things work.

            Me: But, that was the past.

            Ashley: I hate to tell you this, but you're delusional. This challenge will only bring pain into your relationship. You're anniversary is next week, you don't want any tension before then.

            I love Ashley, but she doesn't know what she's talking about. Dan and I are too much in love to have this damage us.


DAY 1:

            Dan and I was in her rented office in Manhattan. She was busy talking on the phone.

            Jova: ...She was here the other day and she told me that she's been having a hard time staying sober...I know...her husband doesn't even know about the baby.

            Dan: I think we should leave. I really don't have a good feeling about this.

            Me: Nonsense.

`           Jova finally got off the phone. She looked at us with excitement.

            Jova: I'm so happy you two came today. Let's start easy. What do you guys like about the relationship? Beth?

            Me: I like how he always supports me in everything I do. Like my writing. Whenever I'm writing a short screenplay or a fiction article, he's there to edit my work and give me pointers on ways that I can improve my style.

            Jova: Do you take all of his advice?

            Me: No. I know what works for me.

            Jova: Do you think that he can be forceful in his advice?

            Me: No. Maybe. Sometimes, I guess.

            Dan looks at me, surprised.

            Dan: No I don't.

            Me: It's not like it's a big problem. When you do act like that, I  just ignore it.

            Jova: Have she ever told you about this before?

            Dan: No, never.

            Jova: Interesting. Now, Dan, what do you like about the relationship?

            Dan: Well, I thought it was her honesty. But, I guess it's how caring she is.

            I smiled.

            Jova: Is she ever a little too caring? Is she smothering?

            Dan: She can be. She also moves the relationship a little fast.

            Me: What do you mean?

            Dan: You want us to move in together. You already but "Hers" and "His" towels. I'm just not ready to make such a big step.

            I can't believe this. I thought he loved those towels. He tweeted about it. Maybe this relationship isn't as perfect as I make it seem. Maybe I am delusional.

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