Thursday, June 20, 2013

#2 The Confessions of a Stupid Romantic : Something Old, Something New, and Gone - The Next Chaper after The Love Car

            Photographer: Everyone move a little closer.

            Us bridesmaids tried to squeeze into each other in our beautiful yellow dresses the best we could.  I couldn't believe that one of my best friends, Charlotte is going to get married. She looked stunning in the strapless white wedding gown with the dramatic train that my other best friend and fellow bridesmaid, Ashley designed. An original AshD design.

            Honestly, I wasn't really looking forward to this day. I didn't like the groom, Josh. He always seemed shady to me. He was a successful businessman who always got to close with the women he worked with. Charlotte was his former secretary for goodness sake. I told her of my worries and she admitted that the circumstances wasn't ideal, but she really loved him. She didn't appreciate me doubting her relationship. She wanted me to respect them and be one of her bridesmaid. I gave in when I heard, "bridesmaid".

            Photographer: Okay ladies, we're done here.

            We gave Charlotte the biggest girl-on-girl hug ever. She wiped her tears.

            Charlotte: Thank you girls for supporting me today. I know Josh isn't the best but I might be making a big mistake, but I don't care.

            I tried my best not to roll my eyes.

            When we arrived at the church where the wedding was being held, it was beautifully decorated in sunflowers in yellow ribbons. I met up with Dan who looked adorable with his yellow shirted matching suit. He's suppose to walk me down the aisle, after one of the groomsmen got a terrible itch from a girl he met in Brazil. Dan kissed me in on the cheek and I tried not to jump on top of him. We been together for six amazing months. He inspired me to become a more humble person and his white Volkswagen Beetle still puts a smile on my face.

            The wedding finally began, and us bridesmaids tried to control our excitement, except for Tatiana. There always has to be that one bitch who has to cry over anything. That's Tatiana. The music started and Dan and I walked down the aisle. We smiled at each other. Maybe in the next wedding, it would be me and him who would be getting married.

            As we got into our positions we waited for Charlotte to gracefully walk down the aisle. After a couple of minutes we all got a little worried, especially Josh. Fifteen minutes later, we were still waiting. Where the hell is Charlotte? Her dad came out and said,

            Charlotte's Dad: I can't find her anywhere!

            What the Hell?! The bride is missing!


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